An engaged community based on our business growth has a competitive advantage.
A community is about the relationships between, not only our customers, but vendors as well. An interactive business network serves many beneficial purposes. Shared interests with like-minded individuals makes sparks of diverse ideas. Various expertise levels offers new, efficient concepts to utilize. Plus, with multiple niches in one place, it makes business interactions easier. And not to mention, day-to-day networking helps gets your business out there.
Business tips, exclusive blogs, and how-to guides are all a part of  a sponsoring community.
An engaged community boost sales, improves customer retention, and even fosters brand loyalty.Share your products right from your own landing page, or the community forum page and receive instant recognition. Or, post a blog of your latest finding and get real feedback. Either way, the information is presented to benefit everyone in the community. 
If you aren’t taking advantage of what professional communities have to offer in terms of mentorship, advice, networking and support, then you're missing out.